7 Days Classic Tour

Classic 7 Days Tour

This tour is a combination of some of our tailor made trips and is perfect for anyone who wants get an understanding of the real Bosnia -Herzegovina; a land of stunning beauty and a fascinating history. There is something for you to discover at every corner. Besides enjoying the nature, food, culture, architecture and activities, you will also meet the friendly Bosnian people, who are sure to charm you with their hospitality.

DAY 1- Sarajevo: Walking through the past

Here we can go back in time to see the legacy of the two great empires that ruled this land. The Ottomans (from1463-1878) were followed by the Austro Hungarians (1878 – 1918).

After breakfast we depart the hotel to walk through Sarajevo’s old town, passing through 500 years of history. Your experience will include the following:

  • Bascarsija- the historic and cultural centre of Sarajevo, built in 1462 by the Ottomans
  • Sebilj Square (1753) – the public fountain; still a meeting point for Sarajevans today
  • Ottoman mosques – including Muslihudin Čekrekčija’s mosque ( 1526), Ferhad Pasha Mosque (1561) and the Emperor’s Mosque ( 1462, 1566)
  • Ottoman Hostels and Caravanserais – such as Isa Begova Han (1462)
  • The legacy of Gazi Husref Bey – this brilliant general was governor of Bosnia and Sarajevo’s greatest patron, leaving many public buildings that are still enjoyed today
  • Svrzo’s house – a wonderfully preserved merchant’s home from the 18th Century
  • Recreate the route of the Austro-Hungarian emperor Franz Ferdinand on that fateful day – his assassination on 28 June 1914 – leading to the start of World War 1
  • Sarajevo City Hall – built by the Austro- Hungarians and one of the most beautiful building in Sarajevo, combining Moorish and European architectural styles
  • Post Office – this splendidly decorated building was to be the main correspondence link between Europe and the Ottoman Empire
  • Tram rides – The Austro Hungarians built the first tram system in Europe, in Sarajevo
  • Visit to Ilidza, a suburb of Sarajevo where the source of River Bosna emerges
  • Have a picnic lunch and enjoy the beautiful natural surroundings at Ilidza
  • take a horse and carriage ride down a scenic tree – lined avenue at Ilidza
  • Afternoon and evening for strolling and enjoying the sights and sounds of Sarajevo

DAY 2- Sarajevo: defenders of faith culture and identity

The bravery of Sarajevans to defend their city and community has been recorded through the ages. We can see some of these touching reminders today. In the War Tour we learn about people’s desperate struggle in the brutal 3 year siege of Sarajevo, surrounded by Serb guns

After breakfast we depart the hotel to walk through Sarajevo. Your experience will include the following:

  • Shehids’ Cemetery – a moving reminder of the tragedy of the Seige of Sarajevo (1992-95) which was to become the longest siege of any capital city in history
  • Vratnik Gate – The entrance to the city, it was where ordinary men and women of Sarajevo bravely resisted the arrival of the Austro – Hungarian army in 1878
  • The Eternal flame – memorial to victims of World War II, acknowledging that those who defended Yugoslavia from fascism came from all ethnicities and religions
  • Memorial to the children killed in the Siege of Sarajevo
  • Trznica (Markale) market – a site that was targeted during the civil war – first on 5th Feb 1994, killing 68 people and then again on 28 August 1995, killing 37
  • The Tunnel Museum – surrounded by Serb guns for 3 years, the people of Sarajevo were starved. This remarkable tunnel from the airport was the city’s only supply line
  • Proceed to Bjelasnica and Jahorina mountains, scene of the 1984 Winter Olympics. Due to their strategic height, they were fought over intensively during the 1992-5 war
  • Enjoy a fine barbeque lunch in the fresh air of the surrounding hills
  • Symbols of Bosnias multi-ethnic culture – the Jewish Museum, Synagogue, Catholic Cathedral, Orthodox Church of Holy Mary

DAY 3 – Historic Bosnia

After breakfast we will depart hotel heading northeast to visit two ancient and beautiful towns and cities in central Bosnia with a long history, located amongst some wonderful natural scenery.

1- Arrive in Travnik, in the Lasva river valley with its very well preserved buildings and scenic streams. Sights to see include:

  • Hadzi Ali-begova Mosque
  • Travnik Fortress
  • Mahalas

2- Have a light meal at the beautiful Plava Voda spring emerging from the rocks

3- Depart Travnik. En route, we can buy local produce such as honey, cheese and fruits

4- Arrive in Jajce, situated in the mountains and amongst beautiful countryside. Sights to see include:

  • Waterfalls
  • Jajce fortress
  • Roman Temple (3rd Century)
  • St Luke’s Church
  • Catacombs
  • Tomb of the last Bosnian King
  • EsmaSlutana mosque

Depart Jajce and return to Sarajevo. Overnight in Sarajevo

DAY 4 – Sarajevo

Free rest day in Sarajevo

Guests can enjoy the following:

  • Souvenir shopping
  • stroll and enjoy the sights and sounds of Sarajevo
  • visit to philanthropic projects of interest

DAY 5 – Herzegovina trip

After breakfast, we depart hotel heading south to visit some of the beautiful sites in Herzegovina, including:

  • Mostar, with its majestic old town and famous Stari Most bridge
  • Blagaj with its 400 year old Sufi Tekkiya at the stunning Buna spring
  • Pocitelj – a historic town and a UNESCO world heritage site
  • Kravica’s stunning waterfalls

DAY 6 – Activity options

After breakfast depart from hotel to spend a day out of Sarajevo. Depending on the wishes of the tour group, there are several full- day options to choose from, as listed in the ideas section. For this tour we recommend one of the following:

  • Option 1 – Rafting on the Neretva River

An exhilarating rafting trip down one of the sections of the Neretva river. Please see rafting trips for further details


  • Option 2- Bosnian village excursion

A unique opportunity to experience traditional Bosnian country life with the village excursion. Enjoy the tranquil beauty of the countryside and the hospitality of villagers.


The last day will be occupied with your own free time to do anything that you wish:

      • Free time
      • sightseeing, photos, souvenirs etc
      • Farewells to your new Bosnian friends

Depart to airport.