Bijambare Caves

bijambare-caveThe area of the Bijambare Caves is a one of 3 protected zones in the Sarajevo Canton. Bijambare is 40 km north of Sarajevo on the road to Olovo and Tuzla just after the Nisicka Plateau. This 340 hectare park is well organized for visitors. There is parking for guests along the main road a large picnic area and a mountain lodge that offers accommodation and serves food.

The approach to the cave is lined with tall white pines. A thick forest carpets most of the parks territory. The Bijambare Caves are a small pocket of the large karst fields that cover most of B&H. They extend for 420 m into the earth. The access is safe, well lit and a good path leading all the way to the end. There are 4 main halls with domed caverns reaching up to 30m in height. There is , it should be noted, a colony of bats within the cave.

The tour of the cave doesn’t last much longer that half an hour. Most still decide to make a day of it and enjoy the fresh air. Just to the right of the caves main entrance is a small path leading to a shallow cave on the side of the hill. There is a picnic table and a fabulous view above tree line. Most visit on warm summer days and are surprised at the drastic change of temperature inside. Be sure to bring a fleece or a jumper. The park’s entrance fee is 3 KM. Be sure to check out Begovo Selo,about a kilometre before the entrance to Bijambare. This ethno village serves superb traditional food in comfortable, rustic and natural setting.