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  • 7164369 Ski trips
    Bosnia provides some of the finest and most inexpensive skiing in Europe, and there are slopes for beginners or expert...
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  • rafting-trip-bosnia Rafting trips
    Whitewater rafting One of Bosnia – Herzegovina’s brightest jewels is its rivers. Emerging from springs in the rugged mountains and...
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  • All-in-about-love-Bosnia-and-Herzegovina Hiking and Trekking trips
    Walking through beautiful nature is one of life’s great pleasures. And Bosnia Herzegovina ‘s wilderness includes rolling hills and valleys...
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  • Biking in Bosnia (Aug10) 254 Biking trips
    The warm summers of Bosnia – Herzegovina, with its forests set among the rolling hills and river valleys make it...
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  • Human Rights Film Festival –…

    This is a film festival devoted to human rights. Since 2006 visitors have had a unique…

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  • Jazz Fest

    This independent non-profit event attracts musicians from the USA, France Germany, the Netherlands, the UK, Norway…

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  • MESS Theatre Festival

    MESS marked its 50th anniversary in 2010. This is the largest running festival in the region…

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  • Ballet Fest

    Ballet has been absent somewhat in post-war Sarajevo’s cultural scene. It has made a remarkable comeback,…

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  • ZVRK Dance Festival

    ZVRK is an international contemporary dance festival. It started in 2008 and was organized by a…

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