About us

Holiday Bosnia is a Destination Management Company specialising in vacation experiences in Bosnia- Herzegovina. We believe that the sophisticated, educated and socially aware traveller of today wants a more meaningful holiday experience than just being a tourist who is ‘passing through’. For this reason, our tours are unique and tailored to meet the individual needs of every visitor or group. No 2 tours we offer are the same.

Our Vision

Our vision is to show our guests the many hidden faces of Bosnia Herzegovina in a spirit of adventure and learning, where they can immerse themselves in the culture and nature of this beautiful country and form a connection with the local community.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our guests with unique, high quality and excellent value holidays in Bosnia-Herzegovina that exceed their expectations.

We can offer you many different experiences combining nature, education, adventure and relaxation. We can also offer opportunities for you to contribute to philanthropic initiatives to help the local community of a country that is still recovering from the impact of the recent conflict of 1992-5.

Our Experience

We have been working in Bosnia Herzegovina for over 16 years and have a detailed knowledge of the country, along with an excellent network of reliable partners.

We can draw upon the expertise of a wide group of people from around the world, including : Tourism and hospitality professionals engineers, doctors, lawyers, academics, historians, scholars, humanitarians, government and private sector professionals, youth groups, school teachers and others.

Social Development

Our unique ‘ethical’ tourism’ approach is one of our key values driving us to provide top quality tourism services that also help the local communities in many ways.

If you wish to do something beyond your holiday experience, then we can help you. We can give you the chance to get involved in social development projects to help improve the lives of poor and vulnerable  Bosnian families who were affected by the war.

Our network of Bosnian charities, academics, and experts welcomes you. Possible projects for you could be charity activities, youth development, volunteering on farms, re-building war damaged schools and homes of the poor, supporting orphans. There are many opportunities – its all up to you.

We have a team of experienced  professionals from the non-profit sector as well as government and private sector  who can help you develop ideas and continue to follow up the progress with them even after you have returned home.

For more details of the types of projects we are considering, please check our philanthropy section.