10 Days Bosnian Kingdom Tour


Bosnia has got a fascinating medieval past and much evidence of this still remains today. For those who have an interest in history we have a wonderful educational tour, where you can visit ancient sites set within the breathtakingly beautiful Bosnian countryside.

Around the 12th century, the region of Bosnia gained some independence from the influence of Hungary and formed a Banate , or dukedom. This period, especially the rule of Ban Kulin, was seen as a golden age for Bosnia where there was peace and progress and has entered Bosnian popular culture. The Banate of Bosnia evolved into the Bosnian Kingdom in the 14th century with its first king, Tvrtko crowned in 1377 . However the Bosnian Kingdom was short lived, as the Ottoman armies under Sultan Mehmet Fatih were sweeping through the Balkans and by 1463 Sultan Mehmet invaded Bosnia, forcing the Bosnian King Stephen to flee the royal city of Bobavac and then Jajce, after which    the Turks completed the conquest of Bosnia, which became the westernmost province of the Ottoman empire.

Our 10- days Bosnian Kingdom Tour is designed to take you back to those times – to feel the ‘golden age’ of Bosnia.

Day 1: Sarajevo – walking through the past

Walking tour of Sarajevo city, covering the main historical, cultural and war sites in the city that show us its captivating history. We can see the Ottoman old town – Bascarsija – the site of the Assassination of Ferdinand,  the Latin  Bridge, Emperor´s Mosque, Ghazi  Husrev  Bey`s legacy, City Hall, Sebil fountain, the metalworkers quarters, caravanserai,City Hall, post office, war memorials, Tunnel Museum and other sights

Day 2: Royal cities of Bosnia (Vares, Zenica, Kakanj)

Travel north towards Vares. Visit medieval fortified city of Bobovac – seatof Bosnian kings- and the mausoleum of King Stephen, last king of Bosnia. and old  mill nearby. Proceed to Kakanj and the village of Kraljeva Sutjeska and famous 14th century Fransiscan monastery with a church, museum and library with a valuable collection of art and ethnography Visit the Dusper house, the oldest house in central Bosnia  

Day 3: Sarajevo – free day

Free time to explore the sights and sounds of Sarajevo and meet community members

Day 4: Legacy of Ancient Bosnia (Visoko, Fojnica)

Travel by road to 14th century city of Visoko. Visit the old town and fortress, the medieval town of Vranduk with its citadel and mosque of Sultan Mehmed Fatih. Visit the famously controversial excavation of the ‘Bosnian Pyramids’ near Visoko. If it is proved true that these are pyramids, it will be one of the greatest archaeological discoveries of all time. See the site for yourself and make your own mind up! Proceed onto Fojnica, to see Fortress, the 14th century Fransiscan Monastery with museum and library. Most interestingly, it is the home of The Ahdnama, the Imperial Decree written by Sultan Mehmet Fatih in the 16th century.Visit the old town of Kozovgrad, the summer residency of Bosnian kings

Day 5: Nature of Sarajevo

After breakfast, we will visit suburb of Sarajevo for relaxation. Visit the source of the River Bosna and unwind yourself among woods, lakes, waterfalls. You can take a horse and carriage ride or go by bike or on foot. We will enjoy a Picnic lunch. After this we will go to Bjelasnica mountains

Day 6: Waters of Bosnia through the ages

Travel to Travnik, see the Elci Ibrahim Pasha’s Madrassah, Colored (Sulejmania) Mosque (built 1575.), House of Ivo Andric – The Nobel winner, Travnik Fortress, Traditional Mahalas of Travnik.Take a break by Blue Water, for Refreshment. proceed to Jajce, home town of  Bosnian kings. Seightseeing includes: the Mithras Temple, Medieval Fortress, the historic monuments of the Catacombs, the Esma Sultana Mosque, Omer-bey’s and Krslak’s house, the magnificent 22 meter high Pliva waterfall,  unique for being in the middle of a town and one of the top ten most beautiful waterfalls in the world. As well as the beautiful Pliva Watermills, dating back to the Middle Ages. proceed to Prusac. Sights include: The ottoman fortress ‘Biograd’ and clock tower, The 17th century Handanija mosque and Ajvatovica, the site of the largest Islamic cultural event in Europe.

Day 7: Sarajevo – free day

Free time to explore the sights and sounds of Sarajevo

Day 8: Fortresses of Bosnian Kingdoms

Travel by road to Maglai. Sites include: The 13th century Maglaj Fortress, 17th century Ottoman clock tower.The ancient stone spheres of unknown origin dating back 20.000 B.C. proceed to the medieval city of Tesanj. Visit the fortress “Gradina” -  dating back to Illyrian times, the Eminagić House dating from the 17th century, the Ferhadija mosque (1563) and tomb of  Gazi Ferhat-Bey

Day 9:  Medieval forest walk -Skakavac waterfall

Travel to outskirts of Sarajevo for a short and enjoyable hike through one of only 2 medieval forests left in Europe. Arriving at the stunning Skakavac waterfalls, at almost 100 m above sea level, we will enjoy a pleasant picnic lunch amongst the outstanding natural environment. 

Day 10:  Farewell Bosnia

Free time in Sarajevo to strolling around, enjoy sightseeing, taking photos, shopping, buying souvenirs etc and saying farewells to your new Bosnian friends before departing to airport.