Sarajevo is a capital city like no other. Since being founded in 1462 by the Ottomans, this city has flowered and combined the best of the East with the West. Its friendly people, natural surroundings and fascinating past all merge into one colorful experience that makes modern-day Sarajevo so unique and exciting.

Sarajevo is recorded in the archives of history through the many important events that took place here during the times of the Ottomans, the Austro-Hungarians, the First and Second World Wars, Communist Yugoslavia and the 1990s war, which saw Sarajevo suffer the longest siege of any capital city in modern history. The nostalgic, and sometimes painful memories and images of these events stirs the visitors’ emotions. Yet above it all, you can somehow feel Sarajevo. Sarajevo lives on through its people – it is a city that has endured hard times through the ages, yet its soul remains bright.

A walk through Sarajevo city centre is a walk through time – covering 550 years of living history. From the oriental Baščaršija – the fabulous Ottoman old town- lined with sweet shops, coffee houses, coppersmiths, handicraft shops, mosques and traditional Bosnian restaurants you move through the Austro-Hungarian era with remarkable buildings, bridges, trams and into a space that is typically modern European, with designer shops, malls and countless cafes along the Ferhadija walkway. The young and old cluster in bistros that dot the cityscape.

This is a vibrant city – reflecting the young population and range of artistic talent here. From traditional Sufi music, folk dances, art exhibitions and jazz, Sarajevo is full of life. There are festivals held every month – the most famous being the Sarajevo Film Festival, which attracts the biggest Hollywood stars.

Sarajevo is known as the ‘European Jerusalem’. Within a few hundred meters you can visit mosques, synagogues, Orthodox and Catholic churches. The sounds of church bells and Azaans often overlap. Through the centuries, the conquerors, travelers, and asylum-seekers from all corners of the world brought their traditions and heritage with them. In this way, the mosaic that is Sarajevo´s multi-cultural make-up was pieced together.

Venture just a few kilometers out of Sarajevo, and you will find stunning and serene nature that no other capital city in the world can match. From nature conservation parks, thermal spas, ancient forests, mountains, lakes and spectacular waterfalls, there something for everyone. You can relax or do any outdoor activity. Olympic standard skiing, hiking, biking, rafting and more; Sarajevo has it all.

Start your journey of discovery with us in Sarajevo. Immerse yourself in the sights, sounds and smells. Enjoy the views. Interact with the people. It can all be overwhelming, but one thing we are certain of – you will have an experience that will stay in your memory for ever.

Come and feel the spirit of Sarajevo!